Dr. Jeroen A. Oskam

The collaborative consumption of our cities and the unsustainability of ‘sharing’

Jeroen Oskam is the Director of the Research Centre at Hotelschool The Hague. The two research areas of this Centre are hospitable behaviour and its business consequences, and future developments in the hospitality industry. Jeroen’s own research pertains to the latter area, with recent scenario studies on topics as Airbnb and OTAs. His latest book is titled The Future of Airbnb and the ‘Sharing Economy’. The Collaborative Consumption of Our Cities (Channelview, 2019). Jeroen obtained his PhD in 1992 from the Universiteit van Amsterdam (Sociology of Literature), and has worked at different hotel and tourism schools in the Netherlands and in Spain. In Maastricht he was responsible for the Master programs in Hospitality Management; together with colleagues from ESADE-Sant Ignasi he designed a joint program focusing on innovation. In Spain he initiated a joint Bachelor program with French and English partners. At Stenden University (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands), he led the innovative European Tourism Futures Institute in its initial years, turning a regionally funded project into an ambitious international knowledge network with university partners in 20 European Countries. He is one of the founders of the Journal of Tourism Futures.